Our Method

The FlexFit Difference

Cohesive Therapy

We work in conjunction with your PT, Chiropractor, Orthopedist, MD, Personal Trainer and/or Specialist to provide you with a truly CUSTOMIZED Treatment Plan so that optimum results are achieved and we will refer out as needed to ensure that you are receiving the proper care.

More Than Massage

FlexFit offers therapeutic services to those seeking more freedom of movement, pain relief, Increased performance and structural balance through bodywork utilizing modalities such as:

  1. Sports Massage
  2. IASTM
  3. Structural Integration
  4. Myofascial release
  5. Sports Stretch Therapy
  6. Kinesio Taping (RockTape)
  7. Dynamic Cupping
  8. Cupping Therapy
  9. Corrective Exercise
  10. Intra-oral work for TMJD
  11. And more!

Mission Statement

99% of patients are happy

We believe movement is crucial to the health, quality and longevity of life for every person on the planet. When things cease to have potential or kinetic energy, growth is halted and vitality dwindles.

People need to move.

And we’re here to help encourage that by offering an environment that is, both, motivating and inviting and by hiring only the best therapists to support each of our patients on their individual journeys toward more movement, better performance and the joy of accomplishment.

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At FlexFit we care deeply about the progress of each of our patients. If you have chosen FlexFit we understand that each person that comes in contact with our business carries that experience out into the community and shares it with friends and family and we do not take that lightly. Your patient experience is our top priority. We want you to move and feel better.